Our Services

Over the past 12 years, our company has successfully created hundreds of landscapes across Simcoe County. We pride ourselves in our ability to create amazing outdoor spaces; with precision, longevity, and craftsmanship. We work with each of our customers to create the Outdoor Living Space that fits their unique needs and budget.

Services we offer;

  • Interlocking Stone Patios, Walkways, and Steps.
  • Excavation and Haulage
  • Topsoil, Sod, and Grading
  • Plating, Garden Beds, and Mulching
  • Piping, Catch-Basins, and Ditching
  • River rocking and Stepping Stone

Interlocking Stone

From small walkways and driveway borders to large complete backyard landscapes no project exceeds our ability. From the initial consultation to final construction, we work side by side with each customer to realize their dream. As professional contractors, we have worked to build relationships with some of the area's best suppliers and manufacturers to offer high-quality final products. Working with Unilock, Peracon, and Oak's pavers and Banas, Oakville, and Local nature stone we are able to deliver a look and feel that exceeds expectations. 

A bit about our process:

  1. Planning and preparation: The first step is to plan and prepare the area where we will be installing the patio. This involves determining the size and shape of the patio, as well as any necessary drainage, grading, or excavation work.
  2. Excavation and base preparation: Next, we will excavate the area to a depth of at least 8 inches (20 cm), or deeper if necessary to accommodate drainage or other features. We will then create a stable base for the patio by adding and compacting layers of crushed limestone.
  3. Stone placement: With the base in place, we can start laying the interlocking stones in the desired pattern. This involves carefully placing each stone in position and adjusting its height and level using a rubber mallet, level, and string line.
  4. Edging and border installation: Once the Paving Stones are in place, we will install edging and borders to contain the patio and prevent shifting or spreading of the stones. This can be done using a concrete bead along the outside edge.
  5. Cutting and shaping stones: In some cases, we may need to cut or shape stones to fit around edges or curves in the patio. This is done using a wet saw, a quick-cut saw, or an angle grinder with a diamond blade.
  6. Sand application: Once all the stones are in place, we will apply a layer of polymeric sand over the patio and use a broom to sweep it into the joints between the stones. This helps to stabilize the stones and prevent shifting. 

Overall, the process of installing an interlocking stone patio can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it can also provide a beautiful and durable outdoor living space that can enhance the value of your home.


Natural Stone

When it comes to working with natural stone, an expectation of craftsmanship comes into play. Our focus on the right equipment, tools, and people allows us to build a natural stone retaining walls, patios, and porch coverings that stand out and last a lifetime. From bulk armour stone installation to custom steps, walls, and patios, we have the know-how to bring your dreams to life. 


Excavation and Grading

Each season our team works on many different types of grading and excavating jobs from piping, drainage beds, engineered grading plans, ditching, and more. We have the right people, the right equipment, and the right skills to create professional results.