Owners of Springscapes Landscaping Joshua Baker and Ryan Baker

Co-Owner Joshua Baker (Left)
Co-Owner Ryan Baker (Right)

About Us

My name is Ryan, and I am running a local Landscaping and Lawn Care business in the area. Currently, I am a full time landscape contractor and will be devoting thousands of hours this year to providing services to local homeowners- possibly you! I will be working this hard because creating satisfied clients this summer will help build my business in the upcoming years. We offer services that can take care of all your landscaping needs. It is my goal to run the best landscaping company in Ontario this year. This means I will be working to develop a business that is not only helpful to clients, but also helpful to the community. The key to running a successful business involves combining a large number of jobs, with top levels of service, quality and customer satisfaction. Part of what our top quality services involves would be keeping our customers informed about the benefits of a well cared for lawn and garden.

Our Solution: The most important aspect is quality. We are continually learning new and more effective ways to build, maintain and present our work. Secondly, Price, because we are a local company, we are able to offer prices unheard of by most businesses. Finally we build trust. Trust in our clients lets them know that what they are investing in is something that we care about and take great pride in, with out trust we lack the ability to show off our hard work.

Thank you for your business,

Signature of CEO