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From November 1 2022 until April 30 2023 come see us at 201 Side St. Stayner, ON

We off products from the Green Earth Safety Salt Brand including;


Premium Blue Icemelter in Bags, Sacks, and Bulk


  • Fast Acting Premium Ice melter will loosen the bond between the surface from ice and snow.
  • Gentle on Concrete and vegetation, and will not stain any surfaces as our color breaks down from sunlight.
  • Environmentally safe – will not harm waterways, lawns, shrubs, and gardens when used as directed.
  • Concentrated formula – ingredients throughout each particle, not a coating!
  • Effective up to -31°C/-24°F

9LB Jug - $8.73+H.S.T.
25LB Bag - $8.32+H.S.T.
50LB Bag - $13.19+H.S.T.
2000LB Super Sack - $550.00+H.S.T.
Bulk Picked-up - $353.00 per ton


Pet-Friendly Icemelter in Bags Sacks and Bulk.

  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR PETS. #1 SELLER is our Pet-friendly Ice melter for over 5 years.
  • Paws don’t dry out; our special formulation moisturizes your pet paws. Safe for your pets Feet will not dry out their sensitive paw pads, a Pet-Friendly formula designed with your pets in mind, formulation throughout each particle for nonstop action.
  • Eco Friendly – will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands, safe on concrete, wood, decking, and all surfaces.
  • Our food-grade color breaks down with sunlight so you don’t have to worry about staining, along with our concentrated formula you can use 25 – 40% less product versus our competitors!
  • Effective to -17C/1F

9LB Jug - $10.00+H.S.T.
25LB Bag - $11.27+H.S.T.
50LB Bag - $19.78+H.S.T.
2000LB Super Sack - $550.00+H.S.T

We also offer bulk Salt and 25% or 50% Sand-Salt-Mix

25% Sand Salt Mix - $45.00 per ton
50% Sand Salt Mix - $85.00 per ton
Rock Salt - $150.00 per ton


Contractor/Wholesale pricing is available please call for details.

SDS Sheets - Blue Premium Icemelter - Green Pet-Friendly Icemelter

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